Convocation 2019

Information For Graduands


Eligibility To Attend

All students who have completed their studies and have successfully passed the Diploma, BA(Hons) and MA programmes at the end of Semester 2 of Academic Year 2018/2019 in June 2019 will be eligible to register for the Convocation.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to graduate, please email us at

Schedule of activities

Date/Time Activity
Mid to End June Receive results and e-Invitation to Convocation
30 June 2019 Settlement of financial accounts
10 June 2019 Online Registration for Convocation opens
12 July 2019 Registration for Convocation closes
July to August 2019

Registered graduands will receive confirmation email with details on gown collection and invitation card allocation

Academic Gown
Invitation Cards

30 August 2019 LASALLE Convocation 2019
4 September to 20 December 2019 Collection of transcript / certificate for graduands not attending Convocation (see below)

Collection of Certificate for Graduands Not Attending Convocation

If you are unable to attend the Convocation, you may collect your certificate at the Division of Student Administration at Block E Level 2 from 4 September to 20 December 2019.

You are strongly encouraged to collect your certificate in person. If this is not possible, please complete the Collection of Certificate & Transcript – Authorisation Form and nominate a representative to collect on your behalf. He/she must bring your Student ID and his/her NRIC/passport for verification.

All certificates must be collected by 20 December 2019. Beyond this date, the College shall have the discretion to dispose all uncollected certificates.

There will be no replacement or reprint of certificates. Graduates who request for a reprint or replacement of their certificate will be issued with a certified true copy, endorsed by the College.