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This directory is an online information service to facilitate communication
between the College and students, alumni, parents, and partners. Emails to
LASALLE listed in this directory will be replied within three working days.


McNally Campus (Main)

1 McNally Street
Singapore 187940
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Winstedt Campus

9 Winstedt Road
Singapore 227976
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General enquiries

Main line: (+65) 6496 5000
Reception: Block E Level 1, McNally Campus
Email: [email protected]

Operating hours

Monday to Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm (unless otherwise stated)
Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays

Visitor information

Members of the public are welcome to visit our galleries and the public areas on Level 1 of LASALLE's McNally Campus, such as the campus green and the amphitheatre. Other areas of the College are not open to the public.

Service quality

All counter service related feedback may be addressed
to [email protected].


Programme Advice And Admissions Related Enquiries

Local (Singapore)

Tel: (+65) 6496 5111
Email: [email protected]

Operating hours

Monday to Friday: 9.30am – 5.30pm (unless otherwise stated)
Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays

Overseas representatives

A list of LASALLE overseas representatives who can provide programme advice and application services to international students can be found here.



Other Enquiries

Academic partnerships

For enquiries and matters relating to academic partnerships, including
academic collaborations, exchanges and research, please contact:

Email: [email protected]

Alumni relations

If you are a LASALLE Alumni and would like to stay connected and involved with us, please email [email protected] for more details or visit the Alumni page to check out our activities and initiatives.

Careers with LASALLE

Tel: (+65) 6496 5334 / 5337
[email protected]
Counter: Block E Level 3, McNally Campus

Card access, car park application, logistical support

Email: [email protected]
Counter: Basement 2 (via Block E lift), McNally Campus

Faculty administration offices

Block E Level 3, McNally Campus

Faculty of Fine Arts, Media & Creative Industries
Tel: (+65) 6496 5082

Faculty of Design
Tel: (+65) 6496 5024

Faculty of Performing Arts
Tel: (+65) 6496 5140

Fees payment and finance

Tel: (+65) 6496 5270
Email: [email protected]
Counter: Block E Level 2, McNally Campus
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, 9am – 3pm
Closed on weekends & Public Holidays


If you would like to find out how to contribute to the LASALLE’s Scholarship and Bursary schemes, the loveLASALLE Education Fund, or our Benevolent Fund, please send an email to [email protected] or visit our Give To LASALLE page.

Graduate employment and internships

LASALLE encourages potential employers seeking graduates for full or part-time work, or internships, to register on LASALLE’s Career Services portal. Once registered, industry partners can upload job descriptions directly. To register, visit the Employer Sign Up page.

For other job-related inquiries, please contact us at [email protected].

Industry collaborations with students

LASALLE actively engages in industry projects that provide invaluable ‘live’ working experiences for our students. We are most interested in collaborations that tap on and develop our students’ creativity in the various programmes that are offered at LASALLE. We also welcome exclusive competitions geared towards showcasing the uniqueness of our young talents. To ensure maximum participation from our students, do take note of LASALLE’s Academic Calendar. Please submit a detailed proposal to us at [email protected]. Do also check out our Online Showcase of LASALLE talents.

Tel: (+65) 64965211
Email: [email protected]

Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore

LASALLE’s Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore is an international centre dedicated to supporting innovative and emerging creative practices. It provides an active site for contemporary culture in Singapore.

Tel: (+65) 6496 5134
Email: [email protected]

IT-related enquiries

For all IT-related matters, email, learning portal password resets, and loan of IT equipment:

Tel: (+65) 6496 5399
Email: [email protected]
Counter: Block E Level 1 #E101A, McNally Campus
Operating Hours: Mon – Fri, 8.30am – 5.30pm


For library resources and information on using the library, visit the Ngee Ann Kongsi library website.

Tel: (+65) 6496 5277
Email: [email protected]

Media enquiries

For media enquiries, media publicity, and usage of the College logo, email [email protected] or visit our Media Office.

Short courses

LASALLE’s Continuing Education Programme is designed for learners of all ages and abilities – from students to working professionals to seniors – to allow you to discover, learn and be inspired by the arts and design. This semester’s list of Short Courses can be found here.

Tel: (+65) 6496 5066
Email: [email protected]

Student-related enquiries

Counter: Block E Level 2, McNally Campus
Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm (unless otherwise stated)
Closed on weekends & Public Holidays

Academic Administration

For matters related to student records, attendance records, academic
results, transcripts, intermission of study, course withdrawal, course
transfer, and graduation arrangements, please contact:

Tel: (+65) 6496 5200
Email: [email protected]

Scholarship and Financial Assistance

For information on scholarships and financial assistance schemes, please visit the respective programme admission pages:

For further enquiries, please contact:
Tel: (+65) 6496 5119
Email: [email protected]

Student Services

For matters related to student welfare and pastoral care, please contact:

Tel: (+65) 6496 5118
Email: [email protected]

Student Life

For matters related to student activities, student competitions, student
developments and interest group activities for students, please contact:
Tel: (+65) 6496 5118
Email: [email protected]

Venue hire, photography & filming enquiries

If you are interested to rent our performance spaces or campus grounds, or if you would like to seek approval to conduct any form of photography and/or videography within the LASALLE campus, please email [email protected] or visit our Venue Hire page.

Whistle blowing
Other general enquires

For general public enquiries, please email [email protected].