LASALLE has a long tradition of practice-led research in art and design.

Formed by a faculty of Singaporean and international artists and educators from more than 40 countries worldwide, the College provides a unique environment for research.

LASALLE boasts an increasingly robust and dynamic research culture. It focuses not only on critical and theoretical publications but also on practice-based research that contributes to new knowledge through original investigations that develop innovative or interdisciplinary creative outputs.

Research at LASALLE emphasises the conjunction of critical reflection and creative practice, a principle that also lies at the heart of the College’s approach to learning and teaching. Research and creative practice are both journeys of discovery, and students and staff embark on their explorations within a learning environment that reverberates with complex ideas, rich cultural perspectives, and cutting-edge approaches to art and design.

After the introduction of a new Research Strategy in 2012, a broad range of research activities and outcomes have emerged. They include books, articles in peer-reviewed journals, presentations at international conferences, and a vast range of original creative works exhibited, screened or performed at international festivals, galleries, and venues. 

These activities permeate the fabric of LASALLE’s integrated arts campus, engaging both staff and students in in-depth critical inquiries and continuous probing and experimentation with arts and design techniques and creative practices.


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Blast Theory co-founder Matt Adams is one the most…
09 Nov 2017
“Million Pound Poet”, stand-up performer, BBC broadcaster,…
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Conferences, symposiums & talks

05 Oct 2023
Recent changes have significantly impacted humanity, necessitating a rethinking of established ways of living in the world. Individuals and societies…
22 Sep 2023
Amidst the upheaval caused by the conflict in Ukraine, countless individuals, particularly women and children, have been forced to abandon their…
22 Sep 2023
The seminar will feature a discussion between Yeo Kirk Siang, Head of Heritage Policy & Research, National Heritage Board and three recipients of…

Research Projects & Publications

LASALLE academics and postgraduate students are prominently involved in a large variety of research activities including journals and books publications, conference presentations as well as practice-as-research projects.

Labs, Centres & Networks

LASALLE's dedicated research labs enable a focused approach to the conducting of research projects in particular subject areas and topics; while the staff's active involvement in international networks stimulate inquiry and research.


The Research Committee reflects LASALLE’s ambition to contribute to the academic discourse on practice-based research in visual and performing arts in a global society.

Four Research Funding Schemes were introduced to support staff members in the realisation of high-level academic-theoretical or practice-based research activities.