About LASALLE College of the Arts

Global Engagement

An immersive and enriching learning experience

To excel as an artist and be a leader in your field, it is essential to be in touch with the world around you. This is why LASALLE offers an international curriculum that is infused with a global consciousness.

The College has played host to hundreds of artists in residence, visiting artists, specialist mentors and researchers at its McNally and Winstedt Campuses. This creates a conducive learning environment for artists to share and exchange ideas and insights.

LASALLE also facilitates academic and student exchanges with esteemed institutions worldwide with opportunities for students to immerse themselves in diverse cultural contexts. This enriching experience equips our students with the skills and insights needed to thrive on an international stage, and enables them to contribute meaningfully to the global artistic landscape.


Expand your artistic passion with a world of possibilities through student exchange opportunities. Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, transcending borders, forging global connections that ignite inspiration. Build your global citizenry, grow cultural empathy, develop a better understanding of the global stage and issues, manage cultural differences and acquire cultural intelligence within and across disciplines.

Partner Institutions

Great minds think alike. Together, we are taking arts education to a whole new level.

Global Memberships

When your sights are set on the world, having the right connections can make the difference.  

External Examiners

With the right guidance, our students achieve their full potential. We have a team of esteemed arts professionals to facilitate student examinations.