LASALLE alumni stand out from the crowd not just by being successful in their chosen fields of work, but by also contributing back to society.

They create an impact on society through educating the next generation of creative practitioners; inspiring and motivating 21st century movers and shakers with their moving musical compositions, scintillating short stories, and thought-provoking theatrical performances; as well as reaching out to underserved communities through voluntary work, and through their training in art therapy and counselling.

Whether you have reached your goals and would like to give a leg up to one of your juniors through mentorship or a gift to the College, or are in need of a helping hand to get a head start in your career, we want to connect with you. Stay in touch, and together, we can make our Founder Brother Joseph McNally proud of how we are making a difference in the world.

Opportunities & Projects

Find out about the LASALLE Incubator programme, grants and other opportunities available as well as the various projects that our alumni have been involved in.


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Give back to LASALLE by volunteering your time, passion and talent.

Play a crucial role in the shaping and moulding of future thinkers and art-makers.

Stay up-to-date with exclusive alumni events.

Star alumni who have walked through our doors don’t just stand out in the local creative scene – they also shine brilliantly on the world’s stage.


LASALLE has launched a dedicated alumni portal dedicated to fostering meaningful connections and collaborations among alumni. By registering as a member of the portal, you will find it even easier to reach out to the LASALLE alumni family and engage with over 13,000 (and growing) fellow alumni across 60 countries. 

Announce your latest exhibitions and performances with a post on the portal, express your interest to mentor someone or to get advice about your career options through the mentoring platform, or list a job opportunity for your fellow alumni. You can even start a class or country-specific group to organise gatherings, workshops, and special events. With, the possibilities are virtually endless, so get connected today.

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