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McNally School of Fine Arts

Awaken your artistic potential and develop your critical rigour.

Live and breathe the subject of your passion at the McNally School of Fine Arts. Named after our founder the late Brother Joseph McNally, the School offers contemporary practice and research-based programmes at the Diploma, BA(Hons) and MA levels. It is focused on redefining the milieu of artistic research dedicated to Southeast Asia, and our position in the world of contemporary art.

From sculpture, printmaking, drawing, installation and photography to technology-based art, performance art, interdisciplinary art, as well as critical studies in art history and art theory, our programmes are imbued with an innovative and interdisciplinary structure, designed to provide you with a transformative learning experience that awakens your artistic potential and develops your critical rigour.

This is bolstered by the mutual interaction between the School’s different programmes, which creates a dynamic environment that foments a symbiosis of theory and practice.

During the course of your studies, you can depend on our staff of renowned practitioners to provide guidance and inspiration. Having been represented in world-class exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale, Asia-Pacific Triennial, Ireland’s Biennial of Contemporary Art, APB Foundation Signature Art Prize, Documenta (International Workshop for Art Academies), and Singapore Biennale, they bring vast and diverse learning experiences into the studio and classroom.


Our faculty of Singaporean and international artists and educators are renowned practitioners in their fields, and are involved in exhibitions, conferences and interdisciplinary projects worldwide.

Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, Media & Creative Industries
Head, McNally School of Fine Arts
Programme Leader, BA (Hons) Fine Arts
Programme Leader, MA Fine Arts


Our practice and research-based programmes are offered across Diploma, BA(Hons) and MA levels. They focus on redefining the artistic research dedicated to Southeast Asia and your position in the world of contemporary art. Short Courses are also available for anyone who wishes to pursue their passion in this artistic discipline.

School Initiatives

Published annually, Praxis Press is a creative platform that captures, documents, and engages the wide range of activities stemming from the McNally School of Fine Arts each academic year. Since 2007, each editorial generation of students, faculty, and staff has invited contributions from all members of the McNally School, including alumni, towards sustaining this site for collective insights and reflections on contemporary art and critical cultural practices in and beyond Singapore.

M.A.TTER UNBOUND is a publication of the MA in Asian Art Histories Programme, developed with the intention of promoting critical writing as a way for students to develop their own voice in the field.



The McNally School of Fine Arts recognises the importance of supporting our alumni by providing a funding infrastructure that will empower them to be actively engaged in one or more of the following endeavours:

  • Sustaining research and practice knowledge
  • Encouraging production of, presentation of and participation in the arts
  • Networking and professional development