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16 May 2024
How do we value the humanities? Is it only monetary, can it be measured in other ways? Let’s talk about the literary arts and the idea of their value…
04 Apr 2024
To launch LASALLE’s new BA (Hons) Art Histories and Curatorial Practices: Asia and the World programme, the McNally School of Fine Arts is proud to…
01 Mar 2024
The Music Research Symposium Singapore 2024 (MRSS) brings together music pedagogues, practitioners and researchers to explore the theme of…
02 Feb 2024
Moderator: Shireen Marican, strategic business consultant at Desire Lines and part-time lecturer at LASALLE Guest speaker: Dr Kim Goodwin, lecturer…
01 Nov 2023
Almost all cities brand themselves. But as each city strives to impress upon us how special and unique they are, there is also a feeling that they…
26 Oct 2023
This year’s MA Fine Arts Postgraduate Symposium foregrounds the process of making, as embodied by the word ‘praxis’. As an annual platform which…
20 Oct 2023
Leadership styles are moving away from hierarchical models towards more collaborative, inclusive models. What 'inclusivity' looks like and how to 'do…
05 Oct 2023
Recent changes have significantly impacted humanity, necessitating a rethinking of established ways of living in the world. Individuals and societies…
22 Sep 2023
Amidst the upheaval caused by the conflict in Ukraine, countless individuals, particularly women and children, have been forced to abandon their…
22 Sep 2023
The seminar will feature a discussion between Yeo Kirk Siang, Head of Heritage Policy & Research, National Heritage Board and three recipients of…
21 Sep 2023
Designers today adopt multifaceted viewpoints that cannot be limited to solvable design problems. Instead, they expand across disciplinary boundaries…
15 Sep 2023
In conversation with keynote speaker Angelia Poon, Associate Professor of English Literature, Nanyang Technological University, the seminar will…

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