Research Funding Schemes

In January 2013, four new Research Funding Schemes were introduced to support staff members in the realisation of high-level academic-theoretical or practice-based research activities. Since then, more than 75 research proposals have been approved for internal funding. Academics from all faculties, including the Ngee Ann Kongsi Library and the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, were represented in the successful applications. Since 2017, the Goldsmiths-LASALLE Partnership Innovation Fund provides additional avenues to engage in funded innovative cross-disciplinary collaborative research projects.

Research Project Funding

The Research Project Funding (RPF) scheme provides financial assistance up to a maximum of S$20,000 to support research projects and activities.

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Major Research Funding

The Major Research Funding (MRF) scheme provides financial assistance up to a maximum of S$50,000 to support significant research activities.

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Academic Qualification Funding

The Academic Qualification Funding (AQF) scheme provides financial assistance up to a maximum of S$25,000 per annum per person to support studies leading to MA/PhD level academic qualifications.

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Professional & Creative Activity

The Professional and Creative Activity (PCA) scheme is a retrospective scheme that allows individual staff members or a team of staff members to submit applications for PCA points for activities conducted within a defined time span, normally corresponding to the previous academic year.

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Goldsmiths-LASALLE Partnership Innovation Fund

The Goldsmiths-LASALLE Partnership Innovation Fund (PIF) is intended to encourage innovative collaboration and cross-partnership working between staff and students at the two institutions. The scheme has been designed to support learning and teaching initiatives and interdisciplinary collaborations, and provides a source of funding to support the development of collaborative research projects across the two institutions.

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