McNally School of Fine Arts

Praxis Press: Sixteenth Edition 2023

Editor’s note

Welcome to the sixteenth edition of Praxis Press, which holds space for refractions and musings of research-led and practice-based material and thought experiments by students across the McNally School of Fine Arts in the Academic Year 2022/23. We invite our readers to feel with and against each entry, towards a communal essaying: asynchronously, in the flesh; iteratively, always fresh.


Considering most art in relation to travel, it is generally understood that the artist, after navigating her or his artistic approaches to…


Published annually, Praxis Press is a creative platform that captures, documents, and engages the wide range of activities stemming from the McNally School of Fine Arts each academic year. Since 2007, each editorial generation of students, faculty, and staff has invited contributions from all members of the McNally School, including alumni, towards sustaining this site for collective insights and reflections on contemporary art and critical cultural practices in and beyond Singapore.