McNally Award for Excellence in the Arts

Chuan sculpture

Miniature edition of the original Chuan sculpture created by LASALLE’s founder, the late Brother Joseph McNally.

Named after LASALLE’s founder, Brother Joseph McNally, the McNally Award for Excellence in the Arts is awarded to LASALLE’s most outstanding student of each year’s graduating cohort. It recognises an artist's role in society, academic excellence and significant contribution to their professional and social communities. The recipient of this award demonstrates significant promise as an emerging practitioner in their respective creative field.

2023 Winner

Jordan Tham Jun Hui

Jordan Tham Jun Hui

BA(Hons) Arts Management

Jordan is passionate about how storytelling and the digital landscape can help arts organisations build meaningful relationships with their audiences and bring the arts closer to communities.

In his second year, Jordan worked with a team of students in collaboration with the Singapore Art Museum to develop a digital marketing plan aimed at captivating youths not already engaged in the arts.

With an interest to delve further into the power of digital storytelling, Jordan explored in his final-year dissertation how cultural institutions can utilise Augmented Reality (AR) to create a more immersive and interactive experience for audiences. Jordan’s novel research has garnered recognition locally and internationally.

During his time at LASALLE, Jordan has also gained industry experience, including an internship with the creative agency Media Unboxxed. Jordan hopes to contribute to developing cultural policies that will help shape the creative industries in Singapore.