McNally Award for Excellence in the Arts

Chuan sculpture

Photo: Miniature edition of the original “Chuan” sculpture created by LASALLE’s late Founder, Brother Joseph McNally.

Named after LASALLE’s founder, Brother Joseph McNally, the McNally Award for Excellence in the Arts is awarded to LASALLE’s most outstanding student of each year’s graduating cohort. It recognises an artist's role in society, academic excellence and significant contribution to the professional and social communities. The recipient of this award demonstrates significant promise as an emerging practitioner in his or her respective creative field.

2021 Winner

Gracia Goh

Gracia Goh

BA(Hons) Design Communcation

Gracia Goh is a communications designer with a keen interest in critical design and human-centered design methodology. With a background in mass communication, she is also adept in a range of other creative fields, including photography, videography and web development.

In her second year, Gracia was part of a team that impressed judges at the RSA Student Design Awards in London with their project COHO, a design proposal for a transitional housing community that would provide low-income single parent households with stable and comfortable housing while empowering them with skills to lead them towards self-reliance. COHO won the CIM Award and sparked Gracia’s interest in design as a social catalyst.

Gracia’s internship experiences have brought her to companies as diverse as Pickupp, a courier service in Singapore, and Endorphine Concept, a digital marketing agency in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Today, Gracia is a communications designer at Chemistry, where she works with an interdisciplinary team that leverages human-centred design methodology in business innovation and the promotion of social good.