McNally Award for Excellence in the Arts

Chuan sculpture

Photo: Miniature edition of the original “Chuan” sculpture created by LASALLE’s late Founder, Brother Joseph McNally.

Named after LASALLE’s founder, Brother Joseph McNally, the McNally Award for Excellence in the Arts is awarded to LASALLE’s most outstanding student of each year’s graduating cohort. It recognises an artist's role in society, academic excellence and significant contribution to the professional and social communities. The recipient of this award demonstrates significant promise as an emerging practitioner in his or her respective creative field.

2022 Winner


Ann-Sophie Maria Müller

BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries

Trained in communication design and fashion, Ann-Sophie seeks to create meaningful conversations and positive change in all her work. She is the co-founder and CEO of design agency ASAP Hub.

Born in Germany, Ann-Sophie spent a significant part of her life in Southeast Asia. Her experience living with different cultures has shaped the multicultural approach to her work. She moved to Singapore with her husband and two children in 2019 and enrolled in LASALLE as a mature student.

During her time at LASALLE, Ann-Sophie balanced the demands of schoolwork, motherhood and her own entrepreneurial ventures with aplomb. At the same time, she kept her heart for the community by volunteering and supporting various social causes in the Philippines. Through ASAP Hub, Ann-Sophie employs locals from the Philippines and provides them with health insurance, training and personal development opportunities.