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Transfer of student pass

If you are currently studying in another school in Singapore, and already have a valid Student Pass, then you have to apply for a transfer of Student Pass. This also applies if you will be studying in a different school in Singapore.

Step 1

Return your Fee Payment Advice Form together with Semester 1 Tuition Fees, Form 12 and Student Contract to confirm your place at LASALLE.

Step 2

The Division of Admissions (DA) will register your application for a Student Pass on ICA’s SOLAR+ system, and obtain your SOLAR+ Application Number.

Step 3

Your SOLAR+ Application Number will then be emailed to you and your agent (if you have one).
Please see Steps 2 to 9 (under "Renewal of Student Pass Applications") for more information on the process of applying to transfer your Student Pass.

Step 4

DSA-AA will inform the Division of Student Administration – Student Services (DSA-SS) of your new course. DSA-SS will then register your application for a Student Pass on ICA’s SOLAR+ system and obtain your SOLAR+ Application Number. This will be emailed to your Institution’s email account.

Step 5

Within seven days upon receiving the SOLAR+ Application Number, you must complete the required fields in the Student Pass document online at the SOLAR+ website. To begin, click on ‘PEO’, which stands for Private Education Organisation.

Step 6

Then click on ‘STUDENT’, which brings you to a Student Login page. Key in the particulars reflected on your SOLAR+ Application Number as provided in the email notification sent by DSA-SS.

Step 7

Fill in all required details and upload your photo at the end. The system will prompt you to pay for the processing fee of S$30. ICA will not process your application if you did not pay the processing fee.

Step 8

You can check the status of your application online at the same website, using your SOLAR+ Application Number. ICA will process your application within two to four weeks.

Step 9

Once ICA has approved your renewal/transfer course, an In-Principle Approval (IPA) will be issued. DSA-SS will email your institution’s email account for collection of the IPA Letter.

Step 10

Collect the IPA Letter from DSA-SS.

Step 11

Collection of Student Pass is strictly by appointment ONLY.

Your attendance and performance during your previous course is of utmost importance in securing a successful transfer or renewal of your Student Pass. If you have a record of poor attendance (anything below 90%) or poor academic performance, you will experience great difficulty renewing or transferring your Student Pass. It is highly likely that ICA will not approve your application.

NOTE: Please be aware that you must pay the Student Pass fee of S$40 per year or part thereof to ICA every time you transfer or renew your Student Pass.