Immigration Matters

Renewal of student pass / course transfer

Scenario 1: You are currently studying in LASALLE, and your Student Pass will expire before the course ends. E.g. You are moving from Diploma to Degree, but your Student Pass expires at the end of your Diploma course.

Scenario 2: You wish to switch to a different course at LASALLE. 

You are liable to pay for the fees incurred for the transfer of your Student Pass.

  1. Processing fee – S$30
  2. Issuance of card fee – S$60
  3. Multiple entry visa (if required) – S$30 (this is determined by ICA)

Step 1

If you are switching courses, inform the Division of Student Administration – Academic Administration (DSA–AA) of your eligibility and decision to do so. You are required to sign a new contract before we proceed with your transfer of Student Pass application. Transfer of course needs to be completed before the commencement of each semester.

Step 2

DSA-AA will inform the Division of Student Administration – Student Services (DSA-SS) of your new course. DSA-SS will then register your application for a Student Pass on ICA’s SOLAR+ system and obtain your SOLAR+ Application Number. This will be emailed to your Institution’s email account.

Step 3

Within seven days upon receiving the SOLAR+ Application Number, you must complete the required fields in the Student Pass document online at the SOLAR+ website. To begin, click on ‘PEO’, which stands for Private Education Organisation.

Step 4

Then click on ‘STUDENT’, which brings you to a Student Login page. Key in the particulars reflected on your SOLAR+ Application Number as provided in the email notification sent by DSA-SS.

Step 5

Fill in all required details and upload your photo at the end. The system will prompt you to pay for the processing fee of S$30. ICA will not process your application if you did not pay the processing fee.

Step 6

You can check the status of your application online at the same website, using your SOLAR+ Application Number. ICA will process your application within two to four weeks.

Step 7

Once ICA has approved your renewal/transfer course, an In-Principle Approval (IPA) will be issued. DSA-SS will email your institution’s email account for collection of the IPA Letter.

Step 8

Collect the IPA Letter from DSA-SS.

Step 9

Collection of Student Pass is strictly by appointment ONLY.

Step 10

You may be required to go for a medical check up. For renewal/transfer cases, the medical examination MUST be done in Singapore by any registered GP. HIV testing may be done with either rapid or ELISA tests.

Step 11

Collect your Student Pass from ICA within two months from the issue date of the IPA letter. You must collect your Student Pass in person at the Visitor Services Centre, Level 4 of ICA Building. Please bring along the following documents:

  1. A copy of your IPA Letter
  2. Your passport/travel document with a valid Visit Pass/Student Pass and a copy of the personal particulars page
  3. One recent passport-sized colour photograph (if required)
  4. A completed medical check-up form (if required)
  5. Your duly signed Student Pass application e-Forms
  6. Payment of issuance fee and multiple entry visa (if required) prior to the collection of Student Pass card. You may make your payments online via SOLAR+ System or payment by NETS, CashCard, Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards at the lobby located at ICA Buidling.
  7. Prior to the collection of the Student Pass, you are required to acknowledge a copy of the Terms and Conditions of Student’s Pass (STP).

Your attendance and performance during your previous course is of utmost importance in securing a successful transfer or renewal of your Student Pass. If you have a record of poor attendance (anything below 90%) or poor academic performance, you will experience great difficulty renewing or transferring your Student Pass. It is highly likely that ICA will not approve your application.

NOTE: Please be aware that you must pay the Student Pass fee of S$40 per year or part thereof to ICA every time you transfer or renew your Student Pass.