Immigration Matters

New student pass application

This applies if you are not currently studying in Singapore, and do not hold a valid Student Pass.

Step 1

Return your Fee Payment Advice Form together with Semester 1 Tuition Fees, Form 12 and Student Contract to confirm your place at LASALLE.

Step 2

The Division of Admissions (DA) will register your application for a Student Pass on ICA’s SOLAR+ system, and obtain your SOLAR+ Application Number.

Step 3

Your SOLAR+ Application Number will then be emailed to you and your agent (if you have one).

Step 4

Apply for your Student Pass online within seven days of receiving your SOLAR+ Application Number. At the website, click on ‘PEO’, then ‘Student’.

Note: You will need your SOLAR+ Application Number in order to apply for the Student Pass.

Step 5

When you have successfully submitted your SOLAR+ Application, it will be routed as “Receiving Attention” according to ICA.

Step 6

ICA will take about 6–8 weeks to process an application. You can check the status of your application online, from the SOLAR+ website, using your SOLAR+ Application Number.

Step 7

Once ICA has approved your application, an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter will be issued.

You are no longer required to obtain the physical single-journey entry visa as the IPA letter will serve as evidence of the grant of the Visa. DA will email a copy of your IPA letter to you.

Step 8

Go for a medical check-up. Ensure your doctor uses the medical report attached to your IPA letter.

If you have never studied in Singapore, you can go to a registered General Practitioner in your home country for your medical check-up. However, your doctor must use and complete ICA’s prescribed form. If you have studied in Singapore before, you must do your medical check-up in Singapore.

Step 9

Collection of Student Pass by e-appointment. Applicant is required to complete formalities in person at ICA Office, 4th Storey, ICA Building. The Completion of Formalities is strictly by e-Appointment only .

Step 10

Documents required for Collection of Student Pass:

  • IPA Letter
  • Passport (which must be valid for at least half a year)
  • One recent passport-sized colour photograph 
  • Documents as listed in Annex A or B (Refer to IPA Letter)
  • A completed original medical check-up form and original copy of the laboratory report
  • Your duly signed Student Pass Application e-Forms
  • Acknowledge a copy of the Terms and Conditions of Issue for Long Term Pass (LTP) Card
  • Issuance of card fee – S$60 and S$30 multiple entry visa (if required – this will be determined by ICA). You can make your payments online via SOLAR+ system or payment by NETS, CashCard, Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards at the lobby located at ICA Building.