Research Funding Schemes

Research Project Funding

The Research Project Funding (RPF) scheme provides financial assistance up to a maximum of S$20,000 per annum per person to support research projects and activities. It encourages and promotes the undertaking and realisation of small or medium-scale research projects as well as research-related activities that lead to a publishable outcome, and potentially to further in-depth investigations in the research topic.

Past-Approved Research Projects

Qing Sheng Ang (F/FAMCI): Deterritorialising Animation Practice through Intermedial Transpositions

Fanny Bratahalim (F/FAMCI): At the Crossroads: Investigating the Construction Process of My Chinese-Indonesian Diasporic Identity

Darryl Whetter (F/FAMCI): Turquoise Water, White Liberal Guilt: Poems at Travel’s End

Mitha Budhyarto , Vikas Bhatt Kailankaje (F/DE): Hidden Histories: Design Education in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia (1945 -1980s)

Ruobing Wang (F/FAMCI): The Details of The Everyday in The Art of Contemporary Chinese Artists

Natasha Lushetich (LTR): Imaginations of Disorder in Art-Science-Philosophy

Darryl Whetter (F/FAMCI): Our Sands: A Novel

Hazel Lim (F/FAMCI): Art Patronage in Myanmar and How it Shapes Contemporary Art Practices

Urich Lau (F/FAMCI): Videologue: Encoded Expositions

Salleh Bin Japar (F/FAMCI): Framing a Southeast Asian Aesthetic through a Historical Overview and Development of Contemporary Art Practise of Singapore Malay Artists

Melanie Pocock (ICAS): Conflict in Capture

S Chandrasekaran (F/FAMCI): Third Person: Interpreting Transgendered Bodies Between Narratives in South India

Qing Sheng Ang (F/FAMCI): "Singaporean" Animation?

Hillary Yeo (F/FAMCI): Practice-led Development of a Learning Resource for a Practical Facial Animation Approach.

Amanda Morris, Darren Moore (F/PA): Liquid Architecture Singapore 2014

Yvonne Spielmann (F/FAMCI): Indonesia's Contemporary Arts Scene in the Context of Southeast Asia