Research Funding Schemes

Research Project Funding

The Research Project Funding (RPF) scheme provides financial assistance up to a maximum of S$20,000 to support research projects and activities. It encourages and promotes the undertaking and realisation of small or medium-scale research projects as well as research-related activities that lead to a publishable outcome, and potentially to further in-depth investigations in the research topic

Past-Approved RPF Projects include:

Diego Celi (F/PA): A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Print Books vs. E-books in Electric Guitar Instruction

Peter Zazzali (F/PA): Hybridity and Actor Training: A Cross-Cultural Exploration of Pedagogies at Three ‘Asian’ Drama Schools

QingSheng Ang (F/FAMCI): Emancipating the spectator through affective cinema

Darren Moore (P/O): Music for Neurons: cellF/Alvin Lucier

Clare Veal (F/PA): The Labour of Muses and Mothers: Sexual Difference in Southeast Asian Pictorial Photography, 1950–1990

Harah Chon (F/PA): Designing Social Systems for Cultural Sustainability in South East Asia

Gilles Massot (F/FAMCI): Jules Itier and Girault de Prangey: The Coming of Photography to Africa and the first Visual Recording (aka “duplicording”) of the Pyramids of Cheops

Venka Purushothaman (P/O): A Study of Cultural Networks and Artist Collectives in Asia

Felipe Cervera (F/PA): Digital Collaborations in Teaching and Research

Michael Budmani & Michael Earley (F/PA): Call Q – Development of Cutting-Edge Software For Stage Management Training

Sunitha Janamohanan (F/FAMCI): A 3-city Comparison of Models of Arts Management: An Engaged Scholarship Approach

Emylia Safian (F/FAMCI): Making Sense of Skin

Steve Dixon (P/O): Virtually No Exit: Towards new models of interactive VR theatre

Jeffrey Say (F/FAMCI): A reader in Singapore modern art

Ginette Chittick (F/DE) & Hazel Lim-Schlegel (F/FAMCI): The Aesthetics of Care - Mapping intersections of art, design and craft through the art of weaving

Caterina Riva (ICAS): Curating and the digital: shifts in exhibitions, art making and audiences