Research Funding Schemes

Major Research Funding

The Major Research Funding (MRF) scheme provides financial assistance up to a maximum of S$50,000 to support significant research activities. It assists staff members in the undertaking and realisation of high-level academic-theoretical or practice-based research activities based on clearly articulated research questions, and that lead to a publishable output in a refereed journal or a book/book chapter with a recognised academic publisher.


Natalia Grincheva (F/FAMCI): GLAM and Digital Soft Power in the Post-pandemic World: Risks, Opportunities and Approaches

Gan Sheuo Hui (F/FAMCI): Anime Atlas: Japanese Postwar Animation from National Cool to Global Aesthetics

Caterina Riva (ICAS): Curating and the digital: shifts in exhibitions, art making and audiences

Natasha Lushetich (LTR): Imaginations of Disorder in Art Science and Philosophy II

Michelle Loh (F/FAMCI): Traditional and Contemporary Practice and Identity in the Education, Performance and Policies concerning Chinese Music in Modern Singapore (1999-2015)

Stanley Lim & Nur Hidayah (F/DE): Way, Shape, Form

Gilles Massot (F/FAMCI): Searching for Jules

Andreas Schlegel (F/DE) &, Brian O'Reilly (F/FOPA): Implementation of a Real-time Messaging System with Applications for Audio, Visual, and Spatial Performance