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Tropical Lab is the brainchild of Milenko Prvacki, Senior Fellow at LASALLE. It is an intensive and highly engaging art camp that brings together estudents from various art colleges and institutions around the world. The camp includes a series of workshops, talks and seminars guided by established international and Singaporean artists, culminating in an exhibition hosted by the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore at LASALLE.
The aims and objectives of Tropical Lab are to:
• Expand the views of the participants, exchange experiences and to stimulate creative thinking through a collaborative approach. 
• Create a positive environment that will stimulate and cultivate minds, imaginations, emotional (intuitive) consciousness, and cultural sensibilities of the emerging generation of young artists and students.
• Establish LASALLE as an institution that offers an environment for regional and international students to carry out research and advance their art practice in a short period. This will strengthen the value and potential of having a programme that is culturally relevant to a range of local, regional, and international students.

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Tropical Lab 16: Emergency

'Emergency' as a contemporary idea is primarily borne out by sudden medicalised ruptures to the human body, severe political fractures to the body politic of society, and everyday breaks as a means to temporally attend to matters with a sense of immediacy and urgency. These ritualised signifiers form the basis on which one can help ascertain the current station of contemporary society.