Channel NewsAsia: In her 40s, she walked away from a successful banking career to pursue her passion as a jazz musician

29 May 2022
Channel NewsAsia
Media Coverage

After finding success in the world of banking,  LASALLE alumna Cheryl Ann Spencer decided to switch paths and pursue her passion for jazz piano at the age of 42.

Cheryl, who graduated with a BA(Hons) Music in 2020, shares that with a strong and professional staff, she was certain that LASALLE could help her to bridge the music gap.

"I loved that while there, I had the opportunity to perform and improvise on stage every week. Students are assessed by their lecturers and peers. Performing in front of your peers and lecturers is nerve-wrecking, so the weekly routine of having to perform in front of everyone gradually helps us to build self-confidence and stage presence. Learning the fundamentals of jazz theory and harmony was memorable too," shares Cheryl in this interview with Channel NewsAsia.

Cheryl has now formed her own jazz group, Evolution Quartet, and is joined by well-known musicians, flautist Rit Xu, drummer Tamagoh, and bassist Fabian Lee.

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