MA Fine Arts graduation exhibition 2019: Outside my eye

ND Chow

Date & Time

Opening date: Thu 18 Apr 2019, 6:30pm – 8:30pm 
Exhibition period: Fri 19 Apr – Fri 3 May 2019
Opening hours: 12:00pm – 7:00pm, Tue to Sun (Closed on Monday and public holidays)


Gallery 1, 
Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
LASALLE, 1 McNally Street




Exhibition, The LASALLE Show

MA candidates: Ng Bing Ming, Chloe Po, Fauzi Johann, Geraldine Lim, Liyana Ali, ND Chow, Kwek Wen Qing, Shen Xingzhou (Jojo)

Academic leads: Adeline Kueh, Senior Lecturer, McNally School of Fine Arts; Ian Woo, Programme Leader, MA Fine Arts

Outside my eye presents final works by the eight graduating students from LASALLE’s MA Fine Arts programme. Featuring a range of techniques and media including installation, painting, photography, sculpture and ceramics, the exhibition offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the results achieved by these emerging artists.

The 2019 MA Fine Arts candidates entered the programme with different personal histories and professional backgrounds. From the beginning of 2018, they have worked to challenge and extend their practice through sustained research, artistic experimentation and dialogue, with the guidance of LASALLE lecturers, supervisors as well as external guests and industry professionals.

The title of this year’s exhibition highlights the ways in which the making and interpretation of contemporary art go beyond the act of looking and engage other senses and experiences.

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Image: ND Chow, Untitled, 2019, digital image, dimensions variable


This event is part of The LASALLE Show 2019, an annual graduation showcase of contemporary art, design and performance.