The LASALLE Show 2024: Rhythm: Flux, Flow and Pause – MA Art Therapy graduate art exhibition


Date & Time

Exhibition period: Fri 17 May 2024 – Wed 29 May 2024
Opening hours: 12:00pm – 8:00pm daily


Praxis Space, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, LASALLE’s McNally Campus




Exhibition, The LASALLE Show

Rhythm is everywhere. Taking a moment to stop and reflect on this phenomenon as it surrounds us, we discover ways in which we may understand human narratives through repetitions, harmonies and dissonance.

In this MA Art Therapy graduate art exhibition, the artists have grouped their works across three themes surrounding the central subject of rhythm – flux as unpredictable variation, flow as constant motion, and pause as a break in continuity. Together, they shape stories from their experiences, contemplating the frequencies at which events, feelings and relationships emerge, disappear and transform.



This event is part of The LASALLE Show 2024, an annual graduation showcase of contemporary arts, design and performance.
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