Digital certificates

Diploma certificates and transcripts for LASALLE Class of 2019 onwards are now available on OpenCerts.

With OpenCerts, you will no longer need to request for certified hardcopies of your certificates. Your digital certificate can be emailed to potential employers together with your job application and be easily verified by employers directly through the OpenCerts website. LASALLE will progressively be rolling out digital certificates and transcripts for earlier cohorts.

Click here to launch the OpenCerts website


How it works (for graduates)

Look out for a notification email sent to your personal email account registered with LASALLE.

Download the OpenCerts file attached in the email – this is an encrypted file of your certificate and transcript.

Send the OpenCerts file and OpenCerts website link to potential employers or universities.


How it works (for employers / universities)

Obtain the certificate in OpenCerts file format from your applicant.

Verify the certificate by dropping the OpenCerts file onto the OpenCerts website.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What is OpenCerts blockchain platform?
    OpenCerts is a platform backed by Ethereum blockchain technology to generate cryptographic protection for educational credentials issued by legitimate issuing institutions. LASALLE is one of the legitimate issuing institutions on the OpenCerts platform.
  • I am graduating in 2020 (or later). When will I receive my OpenCerts file?
    You will receive your OpenCerts via your personal email one month after convocation.
  • I graduated from Class of 2019 (or earlier). When and how will I receive my OpenCerts file?
    Graduates from Class of 2019 will receive your OpenCerts by end of March 2020 via the personal email account registered with LASALLE. Graduates from Class of 2014 – 2018 will receive your OpenCerts via the personal email account registered with LASALLE by the end of December 2020.
  • Can I rename my OpenCerts file?
    You may rename your OpenCerts file but you must retain the file extension (.opencert).
  • I have misplaced my OpenCerts file. What do I do?
    The OpenCerts file is unique to you. If you have misplaced your OpenCerts file, please write to us at with the following information and we will resend you the OpenCerts file:
    •    Full name
    •    NRIC / Student ID
    •    Year of graduation
    •    Programme
    Alternatively, you may retrieve your digital certificate in Skills Passport within your MySkillsFuture account. Click here to find out more about Skills Passport and OpenCerts
  • I am a LASALLE graduate but did not receive any email from LASALLE on my digital certificate.
    We are currently in the early stages of rolling out digital certificates starting with the Class of 2019 and will progressively implement the programme for earlier cohorts. Do look out for our notification email.
  • Can I use any Internet browser to view OpenCerts website?
    The OpenCerts website is best viewed in the Chrome browser.



Your digital certificate is also available in Skills Passport within your MySkillsFuture account. It comes in the OpenCert format – a new common standard for digital certificates, which allows for secure verification.

To retrieve this digital certificate, sign in to the MySkillsFuture portal or mobile app using your SingPass (for Singaporeans/PRs) or Portal ID (for international students) and access your Skills Passport. Existing MySkillsFuture app users will receive an app notification once your digital certificate is available on your Skills Passport.

Click here to find out more about Skills Passport and OpenCerts