Star Alumni

Jahan Loh

Founder of urban lifestyle company, Invasion Studio 
BA(Hons) Arts Management, Class of 1999

Creative entrepreneur Jahan switched courses from Fine Arts to Arts Management as a way to overcome some of the barriers he faced in his creative pursuits. In 2004, he founded urban lifestyle company Invasion Studio, which is based both in Taiwan and Singapore, and is currently well sought after by big brands for his street style aesthetics and savvy knowledge of what would be must-haves in the collectors' universe. 

Jahan has been commissioned by major labels like Nike, Vans, and Adidas, and has even collaborated with international celebrities in various pop art-associated artistic explorations. Through his one-of-a-kind creations, Jahan has successfully brought street art into the gallery space, and has held exhibitions beyond the shores of Singapore, in Hong Kong, Taipei and Melbourne.