Star Alumni

Huma Durrani


Art Therapist, Inside Out Art Therapy
MA Art Therapy, Class of 2011

Huma’s passion for art, together with a keen interest in psychology, led her to pursue a Masters in Art Therapy from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2011. Prior to this, Huma was practising as an educational therapist working with children with learning difficulties – an area that became close to her heart upon her son’s diagnosis of autism. 

The inherent healing potential contained within creative expression continues to inspire Huma, who now specialises in conducting art therapy with children with a wide range of psycho-emotional issues and learning disabilities.

Huma has published a research paper in the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration about the topic of attachment in children with autism through art therapy. She has also published a sentimentally charged memoir of a mother and son battling mental illness and autism, titled Wrapped in Blue. The mother's narrative of courage and faith in the face of chronic anxiety and depression together with the child's struggle with autism provides unique insight into the Asian mindset with regards to mental health issues, and is a call to celebrate rather than stigmatise differences.