Star Alumni

Goh Ling Ling


Founder and designer, LING WU 
Diploma in Design (Graphic), Class of 1995

It was in London where Ling was first exposed to the myriad of diverse styles and aesthetics that she then distilled into her own. 

Ling’s quiet approach to design, paired with her Asian heritage, has resulted in a sense of shape and colour that is unique to the brand. With a strong affinity towards the organic form, she prefers working on illustrative designs by hand to achieve a natural and spontaneous look for her pieces. This becomes evident in the sometimes free-flowing forms of her collection. 

Her keen sense of design is matched by a meticulous attention to craft. Travelling across the region to source the finest in materials and finishing details, she oversees the hand-treated leather processing and handwork that completes each piece in the collection.

“I want to create bags that women will love and use. It’s not about the latest trend, it’s about creating a piece that looks and feels amazing, but also serves its purpose. I want the bags to have a more down-to-earth, honest approach to daily life,” shared Ling.