Lolay, Mokutan

by Chok Si Xuan, Diploma in Fine Arts level 3 (2018)

Araya Rasdjarmrearnsooks

In January 2018, ten Diploma of Fine Arts students together with our fellow schoolmates from the Bachelors of Fine Arts went on a trip to Bangkok, Thailand for four days. Having the opportunity to travel with my peers and lecturers was definitely one of the more exciting moments of my experience with LASALLE. It was a chance to interact with our peers personally and to experience art in a space free from modules and syllabuses.

We went to several art spaces and galleries such as CASE Space Revolution, WTF Gallery, Bangkok CityCity Gallery, H Gallery, to name a few. We had the privilege of having artist Dusadee Huntrakul bring us around the spaces, as well as give us tips on local food and shopping.

We got to experience many works of different disciplines in several unique exhibiting spaces. Personally, seeing Araya’s works was a highlight. In addition, learning about how practitioners explain their works and their efforts to juggle their practice as well as practical needs was something that came up in the conversations, something that I was extremely interested in. In these conversations, I saw the importance of addressing something everyone could relate to, and potentially something we would all face upon graduating.

After visiting galleries, we had some free time to rest and explore Bangkok. Chinatown, Rod Fai Ratchada, TrueLove @Neverland, Chatuchak Weekend Market were some of the places we went to on our last two days. Back at the hostel, we would sit around the common space to chat into the wee hours.

For many of us who have been to Bangkok before, we had anticipated that it wouldn’t be much of eye opener. However, being with a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar group of people, the way we spent our time was distinctly different from the usual indulgent trips that Bangkok is known for.

As we rushed from airport to hostel, hostel to museums and galleries, I think I could speak for all of us when I say that we were all exhausted to the bone. To add to the itinerary, were the shortlived moments of unspoken interactions in foreign environments, the honesty of simple exchange of experiences which weren’t dictated by sit-down-get-togethers but just by being present. It was truly an enjoyable trip with my peers and lecturers and I’m grateful that we were offered the opportunity.

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