Berita Harian: Using art therapy to help heal mind and soul

Amirah MA Art Therapy
02 October 2021
Berita Harian
Media Coverage

When she started teaching at the weekly aLIVE religious classes in Darussalam Mosque more than five years ago, Ms Amirah Munawwarah Idilfitri encountered an autistic student who had trouble concentrating in the classroom, as well as hyperactive students who disrupted the flow of the class. These experiences prompted Amirah to pursue an undergraduate degree in psychology, after which she enrolled in LASALLE's MA Art Therapy programme.

For Amirah, who enjoys painting as a hobby, art therapy was a clear choice. “When other friends started looking for work and wanted to venture into the field of educational psychology or organisational psychology, I searched within myself to uncover what I love.

“Art therapy requires a psychological foundation for us to delve into what is playing in the minds and souls of the individuals we deal with.

“It is not a course where the aesthetics and beauty of the artwork are the priority. You don't have to paint well or produce something beautiful to go through an art therapy session. On the other hand, this therapy requires you to express everything through artwork,” she added.

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