Suited Up

25 May 2018
The Straits Times
Media Coverage

In today's age, when one literally has to 'dress to impress', more men are opting for made-to-measure services for their formal attire that can see them through various settings such as interviews and business meetings. The tailoring industry is thus flourishing, and differentiating themselves from the regular run-of-the-mill suit shops are three businesses - Made Suits, SuitYourself Singapore, and Edit Suits Co.

Co-founder of Made Suits, Benjamin Tay, is worthy of special mention because the graduate from LASALLE's Diploma in Fashion programme took a mere one and a half years to build a steady clientele and showroom at Robinson Road.

Such great success, in a short span of time, was largely thanks to his business savviness. With an ear turned towards his customer's needs, who often lacked the time to make multiple trips down to a studio for measurements, Benjamin started off as a mobile tailor. He visited clients' homes and offices to make the tailoring process as smooth for them, and such thoughtful services soon caught word. Benjamin further ensured his price points were kept reasonable by cutting out the middle-men, choosing to liaise directly with fabric and haberdashery suppliers.

Today, Benjamin handles between 20 to 30 suits per month and still makes house-calls. When queried why, he shared: "I want to bring ease, affordability and convenience to the trade so that people can still enjoy that personalised service in a way that does not break the bank."

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