Media release: Discover the next generation of artists at The LASALLE Show Exhibition 2023

18 May 2023
Media Release

The LASALLE Show Exhibition, an annual exhibition showcasing works by final year students from the Diploma, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and postgraduate programmes at LASALLE College of the Arts, will open in galleries throughout LASALLE’s McNally Campus from Friday 19 May 2023 till Wednesday 31 May 2023.

The exhibition is the culmination of The LASALLE Show season this year, and will feature over 600 exciting works spanning fine arts, film, animation, writing, art therapy, design and more. Along with the physical exhibition, an online exhibition will be launched at on 18 May 2023.

“We are incredibly excited to open The LASALLE Show Exhibition this year—returning in full force for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Professor Steve Dixon, President, LASALLE College of the Arts.

“Our graduands have brought everything they have to this year’s showcase. It is a true testament of the passion, creativity and tenacity of the class of 2023, who started their time at LASALLE during the pandemic. Their work speaks to issues that are both globally relevant and close to home—from preserving local heritage and tradition, investigating social issues, environmental sustainability, and much more. I am incredibly inspired by this year’s showcase and I have no doubt that our guests will be as well.”

Here are some highlights from The LASALLE Show Exhibition 2023:

Exploring culture and heritage

  • Aishah’s Veil by Nuraisha Nadira Bte Mohamed Rafid, Diploma in Fine Arts. Aisha's works reflect her interest in the coexistence between her inner and outer worlds. This artwork delves into the complexity of identity.
  • Homeland by Lim Su Hui, BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles. The collection is a poetic nod to nature and heritage landscapes in the golden age of 14th-century Singapore, Fort Canning Hill.
  • Siapa Aku by Zuhaira Syaza Binte Amir Khaled, BA(Hons) Design Communication. Siapa Aku highlights the former southern islanders’ way of life and the preservation of their intangible cultural heritage. It seeks to uplift the Orang Pulau community through a detailed storytelling process in its design research while safeguarding their stories via the lens of their descendants who actively advocate for the reclamation of their identities.

Social commentary

  • We're All Butterflies by Danielle Maxine Mabanta Doctor, Diploma in Fine Arts. Danielle observed that despite the prevalence of body insecurity, the topic is not widely discussed in society. As an individual battling with it, this artwork documents Danielle's experience with regard to body image.
  • Honey, I’m Brown by Joanna George, MA Fine Arts. Joanna holds a teaching degree and has been an art educator for more than a decade. This art installation asks what happens when the brown person defies and subverts existing narratives and associates new meanings to being brown.
  • The Garbage Man, a film produced by Hilda Tan Hui Mim, Diploma in Broadcast Media. This film explores the life of a kind, loving, and optimistic garbage man who develops an obsession for a luxurious life after he discovers a chip that belonged to a wealthy, intoxicated person.
  • holding your hand in public by Annie Hung Ching Wen, BA(Hons) Animation Art. This experimental animated short film functions as a documentative visual poem. Through a collection of dreamy sequences derived from interviews with several queer individuals, an impression of queer experiences across Singapore takes shape.

Looking to the future

  • What Once Was by Dian Wahyuni, BA(Hons) Fine Arts. As she learns to be more environmentally conscious in her approach to art-making, Dian explores and expands the possibilities of waste objects through their materiality. This artwork uses a tiered and archival process of paper-making with waste materials that doubles as a ride down memory lane.
  • Bio-Interfaces by Aditi Krishna Neti, BA (Hons) Design Communication. Aditi grew up in Bangalore, where she studied computer science and coding. At LASALLE, she learned how to apply code in creative ways through computational design and soon became interested in how humans and machines can collaborate with each other, especially through the involvement of nature. Bio-Interfaces aims to explore how we can imagine a hybrid future that uses augmented greenery in the environments around us to reinforce a positive relationship with nature.
  • Click by Isabelle Ho, BA (Hons) Design Communication. inspired by the gamification of social bonding in virtual worlds, Click is a children’s ice-breaking card game that aims to draw introverted children out of the comforts of their devices in order to make friends in the physical world.
  • Wiggly by Georgina Kathleen, BA(Hons) Product Design. Wiggly is a set of therapeutic toys that aims to help children understand day-to-day behaviours better, to improve their motor skills and muscle memory.

LASALLE will also present the following event during the exhibition period:

  • Fri 19 May, 7:30pm: Shophouse
    • Graduands of the first MA Creative Writing degree in Singapore and Southeast Asia will read from their creative writing theses.