Media release: A celebration of creativity and imagination at The LASALLE Show Exhibition 2022

20 May 2022
Media Release

The LASALLE Show Exhibition opens in galleries throughout LASALLE College of the Arts’ McNally Campus and online from Friday 20 May till Wednesday 1 June 2022. This annual graduation exhibition showcases the best and brightest works in contemporary arts, design and performance by the graduating cohort.

“It fills me with joy to see our students bring everything they have to this year’s showcase—a true testament to the tenacity and vision of the class of 2022, defiantly triumphant in the face of an ongoing global pandemic,” said Professor Steve Dixon, President, LASALLE College of the Arts.

“These artists, designers, performers, writers, filmmakers, animators, arts managers, art therapists, art historians and more demonstrate how exceptional creativity and opportunities have emerged during some of the greatest challenges of our time. Their work speaks to issues that are both globally relevant and close to home, from fighting climate change and investigating the future of design to preserving local heritage and tradition. I am tremendously inspired by this year’s showcase and I have no doubt you will be as well.”

Here are some highlights of The LASALLE Show Exhibition 2022:

Social commentary

  • Cook the Inspector: TWO: Amuse-bouche by Janice Tan, MA Art Therapy. Janice is a cook who seeks to explore cuisine-based art therapy through her work. Her work aims to challenge the constructed value of food by re-presenting everyday cuisine in Singapore as French haute cuisine, creating an absurd dish that is strange yet familiar, prompting the viewer to reflect on how they experience food in their everyday lives.
  • Catopticon by Lim E-Lynn Joanne, BA(Hons) Fine Arts. At 34 years of age, Joanne, who graduated with a law degree, enrolled in LASALLE to pursue her love of fine arts. Formerly the owner of a camera store with a passion for photography, her final year project aims to highlight the presence of surveillance cameras embedded around us and bring attention to issues of social control through the surveillance network. Joanne’s return to education has been a family journey: her husband simultaneously enrolled in a Master’s degree programme, and they believe it is important to show their young daughter that you can keep learning throughout your life.
  • A Day with Hannah and Doodle by Aanya Agarwal, BA(Hons) Animation Art. This film is an observation of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and its manifestations in children, from the perspective of a child.

Exploring culture and heritage

  • Sunburnt Heart by Iris Zulfa Binte Mohamad Isa, BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles. Iris's collection takes a new perspective on Malay traditions, deconstructing the kebaya and exploring what the kebaya is and what it can be for the modern Malay woman.
  • May the Shadows Burn Again directed by Gavin Chua, BA(Hons) Film. This documentary about traditional shadow puppetry follows a puppet master Mr Yang who performs a ritual play, Mulian Saves His Mother, for the first time in three years. Set against the backdrop of this increasingly rare art form, the film is a reflection of this dying culture as well as Mr Yang's own mortality as he stands alone against the ravages of time.
  • Same Old Things by Rayson Tan, BA(Hons) Design Communication. A curatorial project that uncovers the lesser-known vernacular objects found in the homes of seniors, collectors, and antique stores. This project hopes to encourage a refreshed look into history education, the presentation of sentimental objects of the past and their histories for young Singaporeans’ learning and preservation.
  • Strung by Fate by Eliza Han, MA Art Therapy. An educator and artist for over 20 years who has worked across the whole spectrum of local schools, from primary schools to junior colleges, Eliza believes in the importance of creating a nurturing environment for emotional, mental and physical well-being. She holds a BA(Hons) in Chinese Studies and a Masters of Education in Chinese Language, and draws inspiration from Chinese culture. Her experimental installation represents the visceral connection between two people, intentional or otherwise. It traces the lines of emotional and physical tension in the air with red thread, which, in Chinese folklore, represents two people who are destined lovers, regardless of space, time or circumstances.

Looking to the future

  • Environmentally Sustainable Practices in Theatre-Making in Singapore by Charlyn Pereira, BA(Hons) Arts Management. Charlyn is an experienced production manager and stage manager with a passion for eco-theatre. Her thesis project investigates the impact of theatre-making on the environment, as well as the opportunities presented and challenges faced in adopting greener theatre-making practices.
  • Su-Stained-Ability by Gabriella Chika Pieterina, BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles. Inspired by stained glass, Gabriella’s project makes use of a self-invented method of zero-waste pattern cutting called the Herringbone Pattern Cutting, which allows endless possibilities in garment creations.
  • Alam Se-Kita by Heider Ismail, MA Design. A design initiative studying how wildlife and humans can co-exist in Singapore by transforming human-centred spaces into spaces where the needs of humans and animals are equally met.
  • RightHere by Vivaan Singh Thongram, BA(Hons) Product Design. RightHere, a physical smart letterbox concept, aims to help the elderly communicate with their family and friends as well as reminisce about the experience of letter writing, to keep their mind active and reduce feelings of loneliness and loss of purpose.

LASALLE will also present one digital event and one in-person live reading event during the exhibition opening day:

  • Fri 20 May: Between worlds, BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles
    • A digital graduation fashion show of the best BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles projects from the graduating class of 2022.
  • Fri 20 May, 8:00pm: Shophouse #5, MA Creative Writing
    • A series of readings of fiction, poetry and drama works by the graduating MA Creative Writing class.