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Berita Harian: Theatre to empower minority women

21 October 2022
Berita Harian
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BA(Hons) Musical Theatre alumna Sofie Binte Shahrin Buligis almost didn't choose to study musical theatre because she was shy, and had made plans to study history instead. However, she auditioned for LASALLE after graduating from junior college, and the rest is history.

For Sofie, a lot of her work is informed by her desire to create positive social change and uplift the voices of other women and people of minority races.

“Like in most theatre in Singapore, activists use performance art to regain their voices, especially when they haven't had the chance to share their stories. I found this to be true for young Malay manuscript writers. Otherwise, they cannot seize the opportunity to share the hard work they have gone through.”

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Image: Berita Harian