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Berita Harian: Duka Lara, a film about a lonely fisherman, brings a young director to Kosovo

02 October 2022
Berita Harian
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While Nuryn Adryana Binte Abdul Halim was a student in the BA(Hons) Film programme, she acted as the director, writer and producer for the short film, Duka Lara, which made its world premiere at the International Documentary and Short Film Festival DokuFest held in Kosovo. The film tells the story of a fisherman who faces loneliness while living on a fish farm until a mystery occurs.

"For me, an effective film is one that sincerely comes from the heart of an artist or film student. If you are the screenwriter of the movie, write what you know about a character so that the audience can immerse themselves in it. With experience, what you produce can definitely relate to the life of whoever is watching,” Nuryn shares in this interview with Berita Harian.

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Image: Esad Duraki