Industry Collaborations

Designing eco-friendly packaging for SaladStop!


Towards Zero Waste in Singapore took off in a big way in 2019. Being part of the solution is healthy food chain SaladStop! who, alongside eight other companies, are part of Plastic Action – an initiative to reduce plastic use.

In its first step to cut out unnecessary plastics, SaladStop! invited LASALLE’s BA(Hons) Product Design students to submit proposals for display standees and packaging made out of recyclable materials such as linen, pineapple fibres, jute, biodegradable cotton and even coffee grounds.

The final design selected belonged to Frank Chen and Teo Jie Huey, who were subsequently invited to complete an internship with SaladStop! to see their designs to production, with the pop-up installation being unveiled in November 2019. All in, the students agreed that the experience was fulfilling and gave them a better understanding of industry needs.