This is Your Brain on Art: Synaesthesia and Poetry


Date & Time

Fri 12 Oct 2018


Lecture Theatre
Block F, Level 2 #F202
LASALLE, 1 McNally Street




Talk / Lecture

A night of mental delights await! Ever wonder how the world will turn on its head if we are all able to see sound or hear colour? Dr. Suzy Styles, the Director of the Brain, Language and Intersensory Perception Lab at NTU will deliver an interactive lecture on synaesthesia.

Joining her after is an entourage of Singapore’s best poets who will, it’s a no brainer, perform a poetry reading session! In session will be Singapore Literature Prize Winners Cyril Wong and Joshua Ip; Singapore's 1st Youth Poet Ambassador, Pooja Nansi; Poetry Slam Singapore founder Chris Mooney-Singh; Australian slam poet William Beale; LASALLE MA Creative Writing programme leader Darryl Whetter; and the UK’s BBC Radio Poet-in-Residence Daljit Nagra.

This event is part of Lit Up Asia-Pacific Festival 2018. With the theme Water, City, Sky – Literatures Rising in Asia, festival goers can expect a vibrant line-up that draws the region's best in literary and performing arts together.