slow brew


Date & Time
Exhibition period: Fri 1 Mar – Sat 16 Mar 2024
Opening hours: 12:00pm – 7:00pm, Mon–Sat (closed on Sunday, public holidays and during College closures)


Praxis Space and Project Space, LASALLE College of the Arts





Incubated, we stagnate and ferment until we reach a sweet catalyst.
We consume, we disintegrate, we transform…

slow brew is an implosion of drafts and investigations undertaken by the graduating cohort of the BA (Hons) Fine Arts programme on their journey of art-making. Unpolished, this collective display features glimpses of installation, painting, moving image and craft in construction. Like a current that sweeps and moves, it surrenders to the tumultuous force that is the unknown. Still, it moves.

slow brew is an annotation that elucidates. At a molecular level, there is active collaboration and resistance with the dominating forces that arise during art-making, as these young practitioners navigate through uncertainty, honouring their drafts. This prelude memorialises a singular moment in which they find their way onward.

Image: Luna Chang & Sarah Noorhimli.