MA Fine Arts postgraduate symposium: The politics and poeisis of practice

Twofold, 2020 Image courtesy of Genevieve Chua and STPI

Date & Time

Date: Thu 7 Oct 2021
Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm




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Seminar, Symposium

The annual MA Fine Arts symposium is a platform for candidates from the programme to present their research practice together with a keynote speaker from the visual arts community. The symposium hopes to raise artistic awareness of how studio and theoretical processes cohere in relation to the development of each artist’s conceptual proposal. This year’s premise refers to the changing structures that govern our sense of space and being, where the relationship between the artist and audience is challenged by the limitations of exhibition making and viewing. At the same time, these situations have also allowed the artists to develop unique perspectives and production contexts in relation to the poetics of making and experiencing.

Keynote: Memory palace for colour and material
How does one make an intervention with a space and have a conversation with it through objects? How does one navigate an exhibition, as we do, similarly, with a meandering thought? The space and various objects and materials that an exhibition space inhabits – sparks a reaction that is sometimes sentimental, raw or palpable as much as it is vibrational. How do we imbue a space with problems and potentials?

Symposium schedule

10:00 Opening address: Ian Woo (Co-Chair)
10:15 Keynote speaker: Genevieve Chua
11:15 Isabella Teng
11:35 Chen Min Suen
11:55 Janice Lum

12:15 Lunch break

13:30 Bernice Lee
13:50 Olga Sho

14:10 Break

14:20 Shen Jiaqi
14:40 Alvin Tang
15:00 Closing address: Adeline Kueh (Co-Chair)

Image credit: Twofold, 2020. Image courtesy of Genevieve Chua and STPI.

About the keynote speaker:

Genevieve Chua (born 1984, Singapore) is a painter who works primarily through abstraction. Chua employs a method of working that unfurls and reveals the painter's process through diagram, palimpsest, syntax, and the glitch. While notions of nature and wilderness persist across several works, the form taken by her exhibitions – image, text or object – is disrupted through painting.
Selected solo exhibitions include Vestigials and Halves (Seoul, 2017); Rehearsals for the Wilful (Manila, 2016); Moths (Hong Kong, 2015); Parabola (Singapore, 2014); Cicadas Cicadas (Los Angeles, 2014); Adinandra Belukar (Singapore Biennale 2011). She was conferred the Young Artist Award (2012) by the National Arts Council, Singapore.
The artist has also participated in shows such as Choruses (Hong Kong, 2017); BMW Young Asian Artist Series II (Singapore, 2011); Art Project Ideas at Hiroshima MOCA (Japan, 2011); Cross-scape at the Kumho Museum of Art (South Korea, Seoul, 2011); Shadow in the Dark (Hong Kong, 2011) and CUT 2009: Figure, New Photography from Southeast Asia (Kuala Lumpur; Singapore 2009).
Genevieve Chua is currently based in London and Singapore.