DrIan Woo


Dr Ian Woo

Programme Leader, MA Fine Arts, Postgraduate Studies
  • Doctor in Fine Arts, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  • MA European Fine Art, University of Southampton, UK
  • BA(Hons) Fine Art, University of Kent, UK

Born in Singapore in 1967, Ian is an artist and musician influenced by forms of modernism, perceptual abstraction and the sound structures of music improvisation. His paintings and drawings are characterised by a sense of gravitational and representational change.

Woo’s work is in the collection of major institutions such as ABN AMRO, Singapore Art Museum, The Istana Singapore, National Gallery Singapore, UBS, and the Mint Museum of Craft & Design, USA. His paintings are featured in the publication Art of the New Cities: 21st Century Avant-Gardes, a publication by Phaidon 2013.

As a musician, Woo has composed and played free improvisation music on the bass guitar with Stigmata, Path Integral, ID, Cuba and Angie Seah’s A Thousand Horses. He has performed at Singapore’s C.H.O.P.P.A Experimental Music Festival between 2008 to 2017.