Lunchtime Concert Series: Samsara

SA Collective

Date & Time

Date: Mon 22 Mar 2021
Time: 1:00pm


Streamed online via LASALLE’s YouTube channel



Samsara is the title of SAtheCollective’s latest music album that draws on the pagan, animistic roots of imagined Singapore through a dystopic lens. 

Referencing the sanskrit term that describes the cyclic karmic loop of life, death and existence, Samsara the album has nine tracks that reflect the endless loop of human existence, our interactions with the environment and a bid to live in harmony with nature and technology. The album was conceptualised with the following loose narrative:

A spirit of the land, channeled through a shamanic figure tells this story. This story has been told countless times, each time in a slightly different manner. The iterations place the shamanic figure in various imagined states of Singapore, reflecting capitalistic growths and urbanised landscapes, sometimes seemingly utopian, but most other times dystopian. The shaman calls for change, to listen to the land and exist in harmony with nature...

This is a call to action – to liberate ourselves from the greed of never-ending growth and listen to the sounds of the land.

The album is available on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes.

The Lunchtime Concert Series aims to provide a platform for leading creative musical figures from Singapore and overseas. With a focus on showcasing original work, the eclectic curation features a broad cross section of musical styles designed to expose LASALLE music students and the general public to both hidden and well-known talents.