Lunchtime Concert Series: LASALLE Boleh Djoget! by The Jazz Djogets

Lunchtime Concert Series: LASALLE Boleh Djoget! by The Jazz Djogets

Date & Time

Date: Mon 23 Nov 2020
Time: 1:00pm


Streamed online via LASALLE’s YouTube channel



The Jazz Djogets (TJD) is a Singapore-based all-star, power-kampong septet which plays whatever they deem groovy – including a diverse blend of undiscovered hits from the 1950s to 70s inspired by jazz, funk, soul, disco, Malay Pop Yeh Yeh, Japanese enka and city pop, and dangdut. On top of recreating groovy and djogetable (danceable) versions of songs, their original compositions are so poisonously catchy, you simply cannot get them out of your head 

Since their inception in 2017, The Jazz Djogets have become a fixture in Singapore’s live circuit, whilst creating crazy new musical styles by breaking down and blurring musical barriers. Praised for their ‘cross-cultural appeal’, they have been featured in Neon Lights Festival 2018, Pesta Raya 2019, Gala Laga 2019 and their music has been played on Warna 94.2FM and Ria 89.7FM. 

This concert promises to be a high quality, organised mess with jaw-dropping musicianship, painstaking mash-ups and plenty of musical accidents. LASALLE Boleh Djoget!

The Lunchtime Concert Series aims to provide a platform for leading creative musical figures from Singapore and overseas. With a focus on showcasing original work, the eclectic curation features a broad cross section of musical styles designed to expose LASALLE music students and the general public to both hidden and well-known talents.