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ephemera: The Winston Oh Travelogue Award 2022


Date & Time

Date: Sat 17 Sep – Sat 22 Oct 2022 
Opening hours: 12:00pm – 7:00pm (Monday–Saturday, closed on Sunday, public holidays and College closures)


Praxis Space, Project Space and Brother Joseph McNally Gallery




Exhibition, LASALLE Exhibition

The 2022 edition of the Winston Oh Travelogue Award exhibition is based on a drawing field trip to a single destination in Sarawak, during which the artists were issued a brief that called for an expanded notion of drawing as praxis. As we slowly transitioned towards travelling again, the artists also looked into the historical relationship of Kuching and its vicinity as a travel destination for practitioners and researchers.

By examining the etymology of the Greek word ephēmeros that means lasting only for one day, this travel field trip reacquainted the artists to multisensorial experiences such as textures, scents, tastes and sounds however fleetingly. The ten graduating artists from the BA(Hons) and MA Fine Arts programmes as well as two staff from the McNally School of Fine Arts were invited to respond to this temporal component. 

Andrea Danker
Dylan Chan
Harshita Agarwal
Isabella Teng
Joanne Lim
Kim Jihyun 
Chen Min Suen 
Shen Jiaqi
Xiao Peng 
Lim Zeharn 

Adeline Kueh
Hazel Lim

Image courtesy of Adeline Kueh