4th ANCER conference: Disruption as Opportunity

Disruption as Opportunity


Thu 17 Sep – Sat 19 Sep 2020




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2020 has become one of the most devastating years most of us have ever lived through, grappling with the realities of life in post-COVID-19 shock – states of quarantine, a decimated global economy, unprecedented job losses, failures of political leadership and the terrifying prospect of a world without art experiences the way we knew them. A sense of precarity and uncertainty assails us as new concerns threaten to overshadow pre-existing ones.

How has the world and our thinking about it been changed by the pandemic? What about the arts and cultural sectors – how will we emerge in the post-COVID-19 world? What are the conversations we need to have locally, transnationally and globally?

ANCER believes in the necessity of conversations and connections between research and practice, as well as between academics, artists and cultural workers. The 2020 ANCER Conference moves the conversations online as we explore topics linked to an awareness of precarity, the urgency of transformations and need for leadership. How might we make the most of these tremendous opportunities to steer a new path?

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Disruption as Opportunity