Campus & Facilities

Winstedt Campus

The Winstedt Campus supports studio-based work and research with its ample space and inspiring greenery.

It is designed as a comprehensive creative centre where visual arts students, in particular those involved in studio-based modules and levels, can develop and complete their semester projects, especially when some of these works might be larger in scale and ambition. The Winstedt Campus also houses several making labs, including a state-of-the-art photography lab.

Centrally located and easily accessible, the Winstedt campus is a mere short bus ride away from the main campus at McNally Street. A complimentary two-way shuttle bus service at regular intervals offers added convenience for students and staff.

Winstedt Campus Facilities

29 fine arts and design studios

Total floor area: 1995.82 sq m
Total capacity: 750 students

Four fully equipped fine arts and design technical workshops

Total floor area: 283.05 sq m
Total capacity: 85 students

One computer lab

Total floor area: 38.26 sq m
Total capacity: 25 students

One classroom

Total floor area: 66.05 sq m
Total capacity: 25 students