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Videologue: Encoded Expositions

Urich Lau Wai-Yuen
Fine Arts

Videologue: Encoded Expositions is a continual investigations and presentations in exhibitions, talks and forums, symposiums, workshops, roundtable discussion and play – including visitations and exchanges between curators and artists from countries in Asia that are in collaboration with my ongoing practice and research in video, audiovisual, digital and media art.

Since 2015, the presentations were also on Asian media art practice and research with the main partnering country South Korea, as the main collaborators are curators being Janice Kim, Seungha Lee and Yonghee Sung. There are other curators and artists on Asian media art, who have been (and future) collaborative partners on the corresponding trajectory of investigations – Sung Nam Han of Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo (IAFT) from Japan and Ho Wei-ming of tamtamART from Taipei.

These partnerships are to forge a language in practice and theory on the variable modes, methods and media of the digital, audiovisual media art forms. It is also important to form networks and continuous dialogues with these curators and artists. And together with other researchers and academics who are on similar concerns and researches. 

As a practicing artist who is active in curatorial works in audiovisual, video and digital art, I am constantly looking at contemporary art in the digital age across the Asian region. What are the effects and impact of digital media and computer technology have on contemporary art in artwork production, presentation and documentation; in the forms of art presented in digital media and the Indistinguishable factor between reality and virtual reality; and the extension of the cognitive perspectives and perceptions from the artists to the audiences.

The research will continue in the next few years in Asia, that are in proposal with Korea, and has extended to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan on co-curatorial exhibitions, forums and talks. The collated experiences and data will be written and going into publication.

Cover image: Marcel Gaspar, At 200 Feet. Video projection / installation with sound, colour, 3 min, 33 sec. Singapore Open Media Art Festival 2017 in Seoul - Art of Things: Actors.

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