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Pragmatics and poetics: A critical review of the practice of A01

Pragmatics and poetics
Ang Xin Wei
Design Communication

This PhD is a commentary, criticism and critical review of design practice and pedagogy through the experiences and opportunities of Ang Xinwei.

The research seeks the emergence of new knowledge (on design) through a critical reflection of past projects and thoughtful engagement in current projects to establish a criticality in design practice that is both meaningful and communicable. 

The approach is threefold:

The first maps critical moments and events in selected projects to reflect on and systematically critique the design processes of A01.
The second investigates what criticality means in the realisation of design work. A critically iterative process is at the core of meaningful design outcomes and emerges between the space of pragmatism and poetics; iteration and decision; representation and actualization.
The third seeks to diagram the tenets of a critical design process through both pedagogical frameworks and professional practice outcomes. 

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Interdisciplinary Research