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Investigating the impact of peer feedback as a pedagogical intervention in dance rehearsal class 

Susan Yeung How Wah
Dance and Theatre

This research examined the impact of peer feedback on students’ acquiring skills and mastering learning attributes in the dance rehearsal class from August to November 2016 at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. This thesis is an extension of the action research project conducted by the researcher from January to April in 2016. With the incorporation of a full feedback structure as part of the pedagogical intervention in the rehearsal class, students were able to develop cognitive connections that were aligned to the criteria set by the programmes and to improve their technical competency in a reflective and collaborative learning environment. The methodology comprised the statistical analysis of mixed methods online questionnaires administered to the students during the pre-intervention and post-intervention period, as well as the structured peer feedback forms collected from the students after each class. Findings from this research were summarized and compared with the results generated from the previous action research, in order to inspect the full extent of peer feedback on the learning experiences of BA(Hons) Level 3 and Diploma Level 3 students from LASALLE’s dance programmes. This research also offered suggestions showing how peer feedback could be integrated as part of the pedagogical practice in the dance rehearsal class within tertiary dance education.

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