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How Thompson Can Deliver Kaprow

Dirk Stromberg
Interdisciplinary Research

Kaprow articulated the gradual changing artistic roles with his essay “The Legacy of Jackson Pollock.” His belief was that artists will eventually be free of discipline and genre. This belief has embedded itself in the mind of many artists as inter and transdisciplinary work. Today’s educational and artistic landscape has created buzzwords for institutions, whose definitions are still debated. The realities of encouraging or executing such works are far more complex than definitions of each of these words. 

The ability to connect across artistic borders is problematic. From an artistic perspective, artists are invested in their discipline and artistic voice. In educational institutions, these problems are compounded by finances, facilities, and facilitators. Soundpainting is able to democratize interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary art making by allowing an entry point that is inclusive of your artistic experience (artistic voice and discipline) while also not needing extensive facilities or budgets to host productions. Facilitation is still a consideration, but with several 1000s of Soundpainters, there is a growing critical mass.

Despite its name, Soundpainting is a multidisciplinary conduction language. It allows for an entry level at any ability into each discipline while drawing on the experiences and capabilities of each participant. 

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Interdisciplinary Research
Interdisciplinary Research