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From Ear to Eye

Jeremy Sharma
Fine Arts

In the present information age, can digital technologies be adopted within contemporary art as drawing, thereby engaging new paradigms of representation, materialisation and aesthetic experience? How do we re-define drawings that make use of computers, machines and programmes and therefore question the convention and institution of drawing? How do these images represent a social extension of our automated world by extending to the acoustic space of the ear from the rational syntax of the eye, and how do they operate in flux between medium, commodity and distribution and its content of concept, materialism and network? How does this relate to the ever-changing nature of art itself? This will be further elaborated through the three organizing principles of the repeatable image, the format and the environment. It also discusses the conceptual frameworks and methodologies through the examples and practices of artists and theories under the categories of ‘Critique of the trace’, ‘Drawing autonomy’ and ‘Meta narratives’. This paper also covers the engagement of new artistic productions in my practice - contour and geometric abstractions through digital media, silverpoint, photography and sculpture. 

Cover image: Head of Apostle (detail), digital rendering. Courtesy of the Artist.

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Interdisciplinary Research