Research Projects

Digital Collaborations in Teaching and Research (Phase 1)

Dr Felipe Cervera
Arts Pedagogy

This research project is the first phase of a larger initiative that aims to position LASALLE as a global reference for digital and remote collaborations in teaching and research in the arts. In this first phase, the research objectives are: (1) to research new methodologies for digital and remote co-teaching; (2) to insert LASALLE in the international debate about the possibilities of digital collaborations and methodologies for teaching and research in the arts via three digital workshops; and (3) to survey existing software, hardware and platforms for remote teaching and academic/artistic gatherings. In aiming for these objectives, the project seeks to foreground a final phase 2 in which the primary goal will be to recondition a seminar room at LASALLE to be specially designed for remote and digital teaching and research. The project’s duration is 18 months and its deliverables include: (1) submission of one article to a peer-reviewed journal containing the results and reflections arising from a practice research process on remote co-teaching; (2) two small-scale digital workshops in which international and local academics and artists gather to experiment and reflect on the possibilities of digital methodologies for teaching and research in the arts; (3) a digital symposium in which a larger group of international academics and experts reflect on broader perspectives on the topic; and (4) a book proposal arising from the proceedings of the digital workshops and symposium.

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Interdisciplinary Research