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Credentialed Art Therapists and Experiential Learning

Ronald Lay (Doctor of Education (EdD), University of Western Australia)
Arts Pedagogy

This research aims to generate local substantive theory on the perspectives of Singapore-based credentialed art therapists on the role of experiential learning in art therapy training and practice.

Postgraduate art therapy training programmes are being introduced and developed throughout the world, including Asia, with training strategies and constructs utilized in Western countries (Coss & Wong, 2016; Lay, 2016; Coulter, 2014; Potash et al., 2012). Much of the theory and literature on art therapy, art therapy practice and the training of art therapists have been conceived, consolidated and articulated from the underpinnings of Western cultural, philosophical, mental health and art practices (Powell & Ng, 2015; Coulter, 2014; Coss & Wong, 2016). Driving this research is the curiosity of how Singapore-based credentialed art therapists are providing culturally aware and culturally informed art therapy services within Asian contexts. This research will contribute to the emerging body of literature within Asia, documenting the perspectives of credentialed art therapists practicing in Singapore, and will inform postgraduate art therapy training programmes on curriculum and pedagogy development in regard to the role of experiential learning in training and practice.

Cover image: Perspective(s) in Process, 2019, digital photograph (cropped). Courtesy of the research/artist/art therapist.

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