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The Aesthetics of Care - Mapping intersections of art, design and craft through the art of weaving

The Aesthetics of Care
Ginette Chittick, Hazel Lim-Schlegel
Fine Arts
Design Communication

This research is focused on the lineage and legacy that craft has inherited, and to locate its place within the Singapore context. Increasingly we are seeing artists and designers using craft techniques and processes to create works that are beyond communicating nostalgia, intimacy and sensuality in the materials utilised. This research intends to excavate how craft continues to be a tool for discourse that are beyond their initial perception of them being beautiful, commercial-worthy, and decorative. It aims to uncover the tribe of artists and designers utilising such craft techniques and materials as a way to present their inherent heritage, narratives and histories and to present them with contemporary outlooks and perspectives and specifically to acknowledge the aesthetics of care that underlie the practices. With these aims, the 2 exhibitions planned as part of this research are intended to address these concerns and to investigate how craft techniques and approaches can be used as an approach or visual mode in contemporary arts/design.

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Interdisciplinary Research