The working processes of artists: .gif

02 August 2019
Arts Equator
Media Coverage

In this video, indie-electronic duo .gif, made up of Nurudin Sadali and Chew Wei Shan or Weish, are interviewed by students Narrel Wisaksono and Aqid Aiman. They talk about their sound, the nature of cross-disciplinary collaborations and wearing chicken suits onstage.


Between February to April 2019, BA(Hons) Arts Management students from LASALLE College of the Arts embarked on an artist documentation project as part of their module History & Contextual Studies: Materials, Methods, History. The first-year students were tasked with interviewing an artist to better understand an aspect of their practice – their processes and influences, issues they were interested in exploring through their artmaking – and to produce the result of the interview in the form of a video.

The students were given brief parameters for the project but creative freedom in how they executed the brief and shot and edited their videos. They were also allowed to select any artist to interview. Some immediately gravitated to an artist they admired, some selected from within their own artistic communities, while others chose artists they were unfamiliar with or simply curious about. Six of the best videos will be shown in partnership with ArtsEquator.

Story re-produced and courtesy of ArtsEquator. Access the original here.