Seithi Mediacorp: We can make the world more beautiful through theatre

Indumathi Tamilselvan
11 October 2021
Seithi Mediacorp
Media Coverage

We can make the world more beautiful through theatre, says Indumathi Tamilselvan, one of the graduates from LASALLE College of the Arts' Class of 2021. Along with her, more than 800 graduates received their degrees and diplomas this year.

The arts are one of the sectors that was affected by COVID-19. However, Indumathi, who wanted to pursue a career in the arts, was not discouraged. She realised that arts and technology can work together.

Indumathi shared that while teaching drama from home was challenging without the bigger spaces available at school, lecturers could adapt and develop new lesson plans to optimise smaller spaces at home for movement and acting.

With that assurance in mind, Indumathi started her own theatre education company, Tongue in Cheek Productions. Her goal is to cultivate an interest in theatre among students, just as her own teachers were able to do for her.

Indumathi shared that her secondary school drama teacher was a big inspiration to her. He conducted lessons with passion, enthusiasm and an infectious energy. She wondered how to bring that passion to other kids in her own work, and how we could expand the arts scene in Singapore. Her own theatre company aims to realise this dream.

In the future, Indumathi hopes to expand Tongue in Cheek to stage theatre productions, in addition to teaching.

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